Bridport in Bloom

Gardening Club members and friends are invited to share their successes (and failures?) in your garden and/or allotment this year.

Get out your digital cameras and smart phones to take a picture of  what is happening right now.  There are four categories – the first two will be on a monthly basis –

a) Monthly – In flower now: either in the garden or nearby – plant, shrub or tree

b) Monthly – Produce: successes or disappointments

c) The first flower of the year: garden/allotment/indoor plant

d) Other: anything gardening related but not covered by the other three categories

Your pictures will be published on our website for everyone to see and admire. Please give your name, which category you want it (them) added to and short details of the plant (if known).


If you have any gardening-related queries please send them in to be included in the ‘Ask The Audience’ section (below). Responses will be posted there as well so that everyone can see the replies and benefit from the experience of other members.

Send everything to the email address you can find on the Join Us page.