A December letter from the Chair

Dear Member,

Once it became clear that we would not be able to hold our monthly meetings, run a Spring Show, or go on outings, the committee decided not to collect subscriptions for 2020-2021. About half the members were on a email list and we hoped to reach the other members by a message in the Bridport News. Meanwhile, Groves agreed to accept the 2020-21 membership card up until May 2021, for the usual 10% discount.

I don’t think any of us expected we would unable to meet as a Club when December arrived. We have been encouraging members to “share their plants” by sending details by email and this has been very successful. Two members, have run charity plant stalls outside their homes, in aid of The Living Tree and Weldmar Hospicecare respectively, and between them they have raised more than £3000, thanks to donations of plants from Gardening Club members, among others.

We have also asked members to send photos to our website (www.bridportgardeningclub.co.uk), which is good publicity for the Club and we have even picked up a few new members! No substitute of course for regular contact at meetings and three Newsletters a year.

Currently we are hoping to conduct a virtual meeting, via Zoom, in place of our planned January 2021 meeting – a good proportion of the speakers lined up for our monthly meetings are giving talks that way. So, if this trial run is a success, we have plenty more for each month.

With the hope of an effective vaccine in the New Year, we hope to start our “normal” activities some time in 2021. Meanwhile, we have lost a Secretary and a Show team and will start advertising outside the Club early next year. Of course, if you can suggest anyone please let know via bridportgardeningclub@gmail.com

On behalf of all the committee, we send you very good wishes for Christmas and our hopes for a better 2021.

Margaret Genender