September outing to The Garden House

Hydrangea Paniculata in the Garden House

September saw two very busy weeks for the Club beginning with a return visit to the Garden House, on the fringe of Dartmoor.   After hearing a brief history members, were free to wander the grounds, still resplendent in late summer colour: hydrangea paniculata catching everyone’s eye.   Of special delight was the walled garden, where dahlias, heleniums, rudbeckias, fuschias and asters glowed.

The grasses in the naturalistic borders was a theme continued at the monthly meeting, when Malcolm Mills (Gold Club) came to talk on Grasses in the Garden,bringing a good selection of plants for all seasons. Tips on splitting and feeding were well received.  Gold Club “Jack the Lad” narcissus bulbs were available to be grown on for the Spring Show.