Bridport Gardening Club

Ask the Audience

If you have any gardening-related queries please send them in. Responses will be posted here as well so that everyone can see the replies and benefit from the experience of other members. Send everything to this address . Unseasonal Apple Blossom – Why? I wonder if someone can give me an explanation why my eating apple tree has just come out in blossom (30 August 2022) as per the photos below.The tree has apples that are nearly ready for[…]

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Other Aspects of Gardening

Do Stick-insects live in the UK? I was pruning a rose last weekend (when it was still summer), and saw a sudden movement out of the corner of my eye.  Was it a grasshopper?  No, too big and not actually moving any more.  I was reminded of  stick-insects, kept by children as their first “pet”.  An internet search came up with the answer and a request to send a photo and location by Malcolm Lee who collates records of all[…]

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