Ask the Audience

If you have any gardening-related queries please send them in. Responses will be posted here as well so that everyone can see the replies and benefit from the experience of other members.

Send everything to the email address you can find on the Join Us page.

What’s gone wrong with my carrots – planted in un-manured ground but dressed with fish blood and bone before sowing?

Can anyone identify the tree in this photo? 
It was taken in Tintinhull Gardens in the middle of September last year.

Clerodendron trichotomum – Harlequin glorybower looks to be a possibility.

Mystery Tree

Does anyone know the most effective rain dance? The twist has so far failed to work.

Remember the ‘hot summer ‘ ? If my memory is correct it only began to rain again when we had a Minister for Drought.

Wood Pigeon Menace

Much as I enjoy our 2 wood pigeons they do a lot of damage to the veg. They are clever enough to come when I go for a dog walk! Any suggestions on how to dissuade them?

We netted the veg, with supports, but 2 sparrows (1 RIP) managed to get caught in the netting so we took it down.  I think cages are the way forward (nice and tall) but they are a major investment.  Where are these escaped large cats when you need them?