Zoom Lecture – A Look at Costa Rica’s Wildlife

Thursday May 20, 2021 7:30 pm Meeting

Zoom Event

Speaker David Boag - a foremost wildlife photographer


Costa Rica is renowned for its environmental awareness and it is said that about 5% of the world species are to be found in this one small country.  He was able to capture with his camera many beautiful birds including Scarlet Macaws, Tanagers, Motmots and Trogons, not to mention amazing Toucans!   High in the trees two species of Sloths and Monkeys were in residence.  It is therefore a highly colourful lecture that is full of fun and enthusiasm.   Costa Rica is a warm and welcoming country that leaves you with a real ‘feel-good’ factor.

This lecture reflects the country and is sure to leave you feeling you have had a good time!