Bridport Planters Planted in time for the Coronation

We have been advising Bridport Town Council on replanting most of the Town planters in East and West Street in time for the Coronation.

Led by Monique and facilitated by Daryl Chambers, the Town Surveyor, we advised on some significant changes to the planting approach. With advice from Becky Groves we drew up a simple plan for a range of perennials.

Inspired by King Charles’ dedication to sustainability and biodiversity, our criteria is to plant mainly reliable pollinator-friendly plants with a long flowering period. We may suggest some pelargoniums for that oomph of colour later in the summer and will be adding bulbs in the autumn.

Perennials include:

Perovskia, Gaura, Verbena, Stipa tenuissima, Hecharella Leapfrog’, Stachys byzantina, GeraniumRozanneand Erigeron

Five Planters planted on May 4 by Tim and Monique