Virtual Spring Show 2020 – Horticulture Division

The Spring Show may have been cancelled but exhibitors had been preparing months in advance.

The following are some of the items which would have been displayed.

Gold Club Challenge . . .

. . . donated daffodil Jack the Lad (Mid-season), grown in a maximum 13cm (5”) pot.

Ann Brown – 28th February
Ann Brown – 27th March 2020 – same Daffodil at 28th February
Celia Evans
Celia Evans
Gill Bailey – 20th February 2020
Gill Bailey – 23rd February 2020
Pam Cant – 22nd February 2020

Angela Harding used a Chelsea grower’s trick – Four weeks in the fridge!

Other Horticulture entries:

One stem of a multi-headed daffodil, any variety

David Ennals

One stem of a daffodil, any variety, having its trumpet shorter than its petals

David Ennals

Daffodil – split corona. No Class this year but next year maybe!

David Ennals

One pot or bowl of any other kind of flowering bulb

Six “chitted” potatoes to be presented in an egg tray:

Joy Everington – Arran Pilot seed potatoes
Joy Everington – Rocket seed potatoes

One pot of any kind of cactus/cacti or succulent(s):

Lucy Fearon – Aeonium arboreum ‘Zwartkop’

Tim Gale’s spring flowers, some of which would have been in the Show