What to do if you’re not receiving Gardening Club Emails

Several members are reporting that they no longer receive Gardening Club emails. 

The most likely reason is that they are going straight to Spam or Junk mail. 

This is what to do if you spot a “bridportgardeningclub@gmail.com” address amongst your Spam/Junk mail:

Tick the box next to it – then:

a) You will now see the option to move it to your Inbox.

b) Also, there is usually a ‘This is not Spam’ button you should click which, hopefully, will prevent it happening in future.

The reason this happens is probably because spam filtering is becoming more rigorous. 

However, the filters aren’t 100% accurate, so sometimes legit emails go to Spam too.

We have more than 250 members who have opted to receive their Newsletters and other Gardening Club matters via email.  When such a large number of emails are issued at one time this sometimes triggers the spam protection program to send it straight to your Spam folder.

(The Gardening Club website is open to anyone who wants to read it. Our “bridportgardeningclub@gmail.com” email is sent only to members with the list being updated annually.)

Maggie Postle

Membership Secretary